Biomedical NBA


To impart quality education in the field of biomedical science by applying engineering principles.


  1. To achieve academic excellence by applying biomedical engineering knowledge.
  2. To adapt emerging technologies in biomedical engineering through continual learning.
  3. To acquire the knowledge of medical instrumentation through engineering and related R & D activities.
  4. To work with hospitals and healthcare industries to enhance practical knowledge.
  5. To develop competencies for employability and entrepreneurship in core and interdisciplinary areas.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  1. Emerge as creative professionals in design, manufacturing, research and testing of Biomedical devices ensuring quality and patient-safety.
  2. Demonstrate their skills in solving challenges in Biomedical engineering domain through the core foundation and knowledge acquired in engineering principles.
  3. Advance as successful Biomedical engineers, entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders in Health care society with moral ethical values.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) :

  1. Acquire proficiency in the field of medical instrumentation, signal & image processing and hospital management.
  2. Attain employability in Biomedical engineering and associated fields.
  3. Exhibit professional communication and team building skills through seminars, projects, workshops, hospital survey and internships.