AI overview

Over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has massively impacted the society and this has resulted in immense progress and breakthroughs in multiple fields. Keeping this in view, the department of CS(AI) was established in 2022 with an intake of 60 students to focus on delivering quality and innovative education in the domain of AI. The department continuously endeavours to provide strong foundations in the inter-disciplinary areas of computer science and the multi-disciplinary areas of big-data, logical reasoning, etc. The department focuses on experiential learning through research enabled activities, and imparts effective teaching-learning process for promoting an inquisitive ethos among the students. Overall, the department promotes a culture of ‘do it yourself’ and encourages ‘continuous knowledge enhancement’. As the Head of the department, I am confident that the students will be well-prepared to meet the new and exciting challenges posed by the continuously evolving digital era.


Dr. Sridhar Iyer

To accomplish high standards in imparting quality education and global recognition in the domain of AI through innovation and research excellence for serving societal needs.

  1. To develop competent and industry-ready professionals skilled in the domain of AI
  2. To meet the pressing demands of the nation in the domain of AI
  3. To Enrich and Empower skills and values which benefit and serve needs of the society
  4. To build a conducive environment focused on research and entrepreneurship for solving global challenges.