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Sl. No.Name of the WorkshopDateResource Person
1IOT with Cloud21st & 28th of March, 2017Prof. Mayur Patil
Prof. Govind Negalur, SDMCET, Dharwad
2Big Data and Machine Learning1st & 2nd April, 2017.Mr. Moula Hussain, IT Analyst, TCS-Chennai
3Google I/O Extended12th to 14th May, 2017Mr. Abhishek Jakkannavar (ME DEPT.) Google Facilitator
4Foundation Program in ICT for Education19th & 20th August 2017IIT Bombay
5Computer Network Programming Using NS2/NS3 with Java4th & 5th September, 2017Prof. Basavaraj B. Patil, SDMIT, Ujire
6Machine Learning with Python16th to 21st January, 2018.Dr. Uday Wali-KLEDRMSSCET, Belagavi,Mr. Rajanikanth Rajashekhar
ANA Works Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore,
Mr. Vasantha Kumara M
Asst. Professor,Govt., SKSJT Institute, Bangalore
7Basics of Android Development13th October, 2017.Mr. Abhishek Jakkannavar (ME DEPT.) Google Facilitator.
8Intermediate Level Android App17th March, 2018.Mr. Abhishek Jakkannavar (ME DEPT.) Google Facilitator.
9Socket Programming using Java1st&3rd October, 2018.Prof. Abhinandan P. Shirahatii.