KLE Dr. M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi, affiliated to KLE Technological University Hubballi. The University formulates academic curriculum as per the recent technology and changes in the various fields. The examination will be conducted as per the rules, regulations and guidelines issued by the University. The evaluation process is carried out in two stages. In Semester Assessment [ISA] during the progress of the semester and End Semester Assessment [ESA] conducted at the end of the  semester. The examination section conducts the End Semester Examination and the evaluation process in coordination with the departments. The entire examination process is based on a completely automated system. After the successful completion of a course, the institute recommends the student to KLE Technological University, Hubballi, to award the degree in the respective branch. Chief Examination Officer and his team at examination section carry out the complete examination and valuation process in coordination with all departments.


Dr. Anil S Patil, Professor and Head of Engineering Science and Humanities, Chief Examination Officer of the institute. He has 26 years of teaching and 11 years of research experience. He has served on several expert panels of Visvesvaraya Technological University. Belagavi. He is guiding 01 research scholar under KLE Technological University, Hubballi and 02 Ph.D. Scholars have completed their Ph.D. degree under VTU.

Contact No: 0831 2440322                                                                                                                                                                                                                      E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Anil S Patil


1. Dr. D S Revanakar – Dy. Chief Examination Officer
2. Prof. P G Hegde – Coordinator, Coding Section
3. Dr. Prayag Gokhale – Coordinator, Valuation Section


1. Shri. Girish B Ganiger – Office Staff
2. Shri. Iranna S Devanagi – Office Staff
3. Shri. Venkatesh Huilagol – Technical Staff
4. Smt. Pallavi Kumatoli – Office staff


1. G N Kadli
2. B G Patil