Ph.D.s Awarded

53 Arvind Kamble Dr. V S Malemath Computer Science Machine Learning Technique for Anamaly Based Intrusion Detection in Cyber Physical Systems 2023
52 Priyanka S Hande Dr. D S Revankar Mathematics Topologiacal Indices based on Graph Classes 2023
51 Prabhakar Mange Dr. U L Naik E&C Design and Performance Analysis of Ultra-Wideband MIMO Antennas 2023
50 Varsha Dr. Manjula C. Gudgeri Mathematics Study on Some Variants in Graph Theory 2023
49 Pallavi Kulkarni Dr. Rajashri Khanai E & C Enhancement in Security and Reliability of Images in Cloud Environment using an optimal Neural Crypto-Coding Model 2023
48 Nayana P. Hoolikantimath Dr. Praveen A. Ghorpade Civil Scientific Investigation on Waste Foundry Sand for its Reclamation and Reuse 2023
47 Swati Mavinakattimath Dr. Rajashri Khanai E & C Hardware Accelerator for Secured and Reliable Wireless Body Sensor Networks 2023
46 Sachin M. Mekkalike Dr. B. S. Durgi Mathematics On Distances in Graphs 2023
45 Anilkumar C. Korishetti Dr. V. S. Malemath Computer Science Design and analysis of motion estimation algorithm for advanced video coding standard 2023
44 Pallavi Sangolli Dr. Manjula C. Gudgeri Mathematics Some Domination Parameters in Graph Theory 2023
43 Manjusha M. Patil Dr. D. S. Revankar Mathematics Distance Related Concepts in Graph Theory 2022
42 Sandeep Bidwai Dr. U. V. Wali E & C Application of Markov Chain and Convolution Neural Network for Cognitive Radio 2022
41 Salma Shahapur Dr. Rajashri Khanai E & C Optimal Cross-layer Algorithm using Secure Channel Coding Technique for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UWANS)  2022
40 R. C. Bharamgoudar Dr. A. S. Patil Physics Development and Characterization of Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles 2022
39 Pooja A Bagne Dr. S. Kotrappa Computer Science Algorithms and techniques for convergence of existing key generation methods and genetic algorithms towards cyber security 2022
38 Shreevijay Ittannavar Dr. R. H. Havaldar Biomedical Engineering Artificial Intelligence Based Computer Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Detection Using Image Processing 2022
37 Sufola Das Chagas A  Dr. V. S. Malemath Computer Science A System for Chili Plant Diseases Identification and Yield Prediction: Exploration of New Image Features and Efficient Classifiers 2022
36 Sunita S. Patil Dr. Umesh B. Deshannavar Chemical Studies on Extraction of Total Polyphenols from Azadirachta Indica (Neem) using Novel techniques 2022
35 Shivaprasad S. More Dr. U. L. Naik & Dr. V. S. Malemath Computer Science Efficient Multipath Driven Lossless Video Transmission for VANETs 2021
34 Rashmi C. Sattigeri Dr. D. G. Kulkarni MBA Study of Poka-Yoke Concept in Selected Multispecialty Hospitals in Belagavi City 2021
33 Uma S. Gurav Dr. S. Kotrappa Computer Science Design of Efficient Stock Forecasting Model using Stock Market Behavioral Pattern 2021
32 Uttam Deshpande Dr. V. S. Malemath Computer Science Latent Fingerprint Identification Based on Minutiae Features 2021
31 Shreekant R. Dr. S. S. Joshi Chemistry Conversion of Non-Edible Oils into Biodiesel by Transesterification using Heterogeneous Catalysts 2021
30 Arvindkumar D Kotagond Dr. M. A. Kamoji Mechanical Experimental Investigation of Various Parameters on Electro Hydrostatic Actuator 2021
29 Abhijit Patankar Dr. S. Kotrappa Computer Science Multidimensional K-Anonymity for Protecting Privacy 2021
28 Seema S. Khemalapure Dr. V. S. Katti Physics Spectroscopic Investigations of some Organic/Inorganic Compounds Experimental and Computational Methods 2021
27 Pallavi S. Patil Dr. Umesh B. Deshannavar Chemical Studies on Development of Wine from Sugarcane & Fruit Juice using Yeast Species 2020
26 Shilpa Mayannavar  Dr. U. V. Wali E & C Design and Implementation of Accelerators for application Specific Neural Processing 2020
25 S. M. Hiremath Dr. A. S. Patil Physics Spectroscopic Studies of Organic Compound of Chemical, Industrial Importance through Experimental and Computational Methods 2020
24 Sangeeta V. Kamat Dr. A. M. Sangogi (Guide) Dr. D. S. Revankar (Co-Guide) Mathematics Modelling Stabilization of Non Holomorphic in Robotic Formation 2019
23 Uttam Patil Dr. Nandini Sidnal Computer Science Strengthening Mobile Based Agricultural Services 2019
22 Rahul A. Patil Dr. Umesh B. Deshannavar Chemical Pretreatment of Biomass for making Fuel Briquettes 2019
21 Arun Tigadi Dr. Hansraj Guhilot E & C An Investigation of Optimal Topologies for SRAM 2019
20 Pramod Naik Dr. Hansraj Guhilot E & C A Study and Analysis of Performance Matrix of DWT Processor 2019
19 Bahubali Shirgapur Dr. U. V. Wali E & C Coding Techniques to reduce PAPR in OFDM Systems 2019
18 Vivekanand Huddar Dr M A Kamoji Mechanical Experimental investigations on performance of solar dryers for drying cashew kennels   2019
17 Sudershan B Gadwal Dr M A Kamoji Mechanical Performance combustion and emission characteristics of common rail direct injection diesel engine fueled with tyre and plastic pyrolysis oil 2019
16 Revathy, S.S. Dr.R.V.Raikar Civil Investigation on Geomorphology and Land use Pattern – a Case Study for Bangalore Urban Area 2019
15 R.Srinivasan Dr.S.V.Itti Civil Development of response evaluation procedure for 3D RC frames with masonry In-Fill under Seismic Loading   2019
14 Litesh V. Malade Dr. Umesh B. Deshannavar Chemical Studies on Effectiveness of Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Cavitation for Decolorization of Dye Wastewaters 2018
13 Deshmukh Anand Rao Dr.R.V.Raikar Civil A clear water scour around a circular bridge pier and abutments under unsteady flow 2018
12 Aparanji V M Dr. U. V. Wali E & C Development of Soft Control Algorithm for Multi Segment Humanoid Mechanisms 2017
11 K Shanmugapriya Dr.R.V.Raikar Civil Site suitability analysis for brackish water aquaculture and saltpans using remote sensing and GIS for a case study on east coast India 2016
10 Gobinath* (MSc) Dr.S.V.Itti Civil Structural health monitoring of RC framed structures 2015
9 M. C. Gudgeri Dr. H. G. Shekarappa Mathematics Domination Number of Graph 2014
8 S F Patil Dr. S C Pilli Mechanical Modeling studies on the effective property evaluation of Carbon Nano Tube Epoxy Composites 2014
7 V.D.Gundakalle Dr.V.V.Karjinni Civil Elastic behavior of High Strength Fiber Reinforced concrete. 2012
6 Ravi Kottur Dr.K.B.Prakash Civil An experimental investigation on the characteristics properties of Hybrid Reinforced concrete. 2011
5 B.C.Shantappa Dr.K.B.Prakash Civil Effect of various admixtures on    characteristics properties of self-compacting concrete. 2010
4 S.B.Anadinni Dr.V.V.Karjinni Civil An investigation on the properties of high performance self-compacting 2009
3 B.S.Krishnamurthy Dr.K.B.Prakash Civil An experimental investigation on the characteristics of concrete containing two or more pozzolona. 2009
2 Vaishali B Mungurwadi Dr. U. V. Wali E & C Analytical Modelling and Simulation of Electro-Statically Actuated MEMS Resonators  2008
1 M.B.Patil Dr.K.B.Prakash Civil An investigation on the Shrinkage characteristics of concrete under different environment. 2008