KLE DR.M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering & Technology has been in association with Deshpande Foundation’s LEaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) program since 2008, to foster entrepreneurial spirit, among students from vivid technical streams. The aim of the programme is to nurture & nurish any idea into creative & innovative business venture for societial benefit. The end goal of LEAD, however, is not to impact communities but have students develop empathy and most of all experience in leadership while leading a transforming project.

Accomplishments :

KLE DR. MSSCET has been proud of its faculties & students who, through their outstanding projects have carved a way for social entrepreneurship.
Our students have taken up projects ranging from educating people on various social evils like Alcoholism, smoking etc, to spreading awareness of HIV, Polio and hygine & santitation. The students have taken up initiatives on collecting old text books, un-used or partially used note books and distributed to under-prevelaged students; distribution of medicines and other basic needs to old age homes and also organising learning & creativity programmes among rural schools. Some projects also showcased on low cost manufacturing of boilers, solar lamps etc.
Some of the outstanding projects taken up by our students: http://dcselead.blogspot.in/search/label/KLECET
Our students also showcased their accumen & confidence in leading various initiatives. Ms. Zeba Kazi and Mr. Omkar Tarale had an opportunity to share their success story with INKtalks.

•        Zeba Kazi talks to INKtalks on her LEAD journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVJn8aI-TJ4
•        Omkar Tarale talks to INKtalks on his LEAD journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJcx4DdkE6Y

Activities :

Apart from taking lead in various sociatial initiavities, the students get a life-time experience of meeting various entrepreneurs and their role-models through a educational entrepreneurial tour named “LEAD Prayana”. LEAD through a rigorous interview, selects about 200 students from various associated colleges and takes them on an educational entrepreneurial journey of about 20 days, where students get a chance to interact with entrepreneurs, employees of various institutions, doctors, engineeners, farmers, articians etc who in one or the other way connect to our lives.
More on LEAD Prayana 2012-2013: http://leadprayana.blogspot.in/