Wipro’s Mission 10X Unified Technology Learning Program (UTLP) at KLES’ Dr.M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering &Technology, was inaugurated by Mission 10X Chief Mr. Hemchandra Bhat.

Unified learning kits provided in Wipro’s Mission10X Technology Learning leverage the latest technology to bridge the gap between industries and institutes. Main applications are in the field of biomedical engineering, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, mobile &communication engineering.

Benefits of Mission10X Technology learning Program:

  • Students will be able to implement industry relevant projects at the institute. This experience makes students industry ready.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in students to develop next generation products.
  • Easy access to technology by open source (Linux) operating system.
  • UTLP page in Mission10X portal supports discussion forums which encourage community-based learning.