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Machine Learning using Python

The Department of Electrical & Electronics had taken an initiative to organize a workshop on “Introduction to Machine Learning using Python”. The workshop was sponsored by ISTE Student chapter & IEEE. The workshop had an objective to provide the basics of machine learning using Python by the student and to the student. Workshop Expected Outcomes was to able to:  Develop programming skills, Overview the Python language, Enhance the basic knowledge of Machine learning and various vital algorithms.

The Workshop was conducted on 23rd and 24th August 2019. The resource persons were Mr. Prof. Shashishar H (CSE Department)  and Mr. Krishna Pai (V semester Student), the workshop was coordinated by, Staff Coordinator: Prof. Rakhee Kallimani (Electrical & Electronics Department) Student Coordinators:  Vinayak Jaiwant, Manasi Kudche, Prachi Patil.