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Mr. Rajkumar Lengade

Vice president engineer lead

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Columbus, Ohio, USA

In 1988 when i got CET seat for engineering at KLE Engineering college Belgaum, I was debating on taking Electronics & Communication or Mechanical branch.  TV industry had just begun to boom, which made me tend towards Electronics and Communications. All of my professors were terrific, very motivated and invested in their student’s success. During my first year, I felt the pain with so many assignments with so little time to complete and deadline set by professors, but I soon realized that this was for my own good and set the expectations higher for the coming years of engineering and I was able to cope with engineering studies. The professors are committed in helping students with  maximum effort of making sure students understand the concepts and applications of the daily topics and can apply it correctly. KLE engineering gave me the skills necessary to learn Electronics and Computer networks which landed me job at Network Solutions in Bangalore 1992 and after that i just kept climbing the professional ladder. I joined Motorola in 1994 and then moved to USA, where I joined AT&T Bell labs, then Nationwide Insurance and now I work at JP Morgan Chase.