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Tricky Survey Competition 2022

Department of Civil Engineering CEA & IE(I) students chapter organised Tricky Surveying on 5th Jan
2022 from 2 to 5pm at Sir M. V. Seminar Hall Dr. MSSCET Belagavi for 5th & 7th Sem Civil
Engineering Students.The Judges of Event were Dr. Tejas Doshi Sir & Nikhil Jambhale Sir. The Event had 3 Rounds.
1st Round: MCQ on Basic Surveying.
2nd Round: Levelling of instrument on the staircase.
3rd Round: Finding the RL of the given object.
The 1st Prize was bagged by Abhishek K & Shivani H (7th Sem).
2nd Prize by Shubham & Sumer (5th Sem).
Consolation Prize by
1)Shruti & Vijaylaxmi (5th Sem).
2) Ramesh & Mahendrakumar(5th Sem).
3) Komal & Vaishnavi (5th Sem).
Congratulations to All the winners And Participants.