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Visit to Akshaya Patra

January 18, 2023

The students of the Department of MBA at KLE, Dr. M S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi, visited Akshaya Patra on 18/01/2023. Mr. Rajesh Patki, Public Relations (PR) manager, guided the students on the process and TQM techniques adopted at the organization.

Later on, the scale of operation of Akshaya Patra was briefed. During his interaction with the students, Mr. Patki opined that The Akshaya Patra Foundation implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme by providing freshly cooked and nutritious mid-day meals in India to 18,00,907 children across 19,039 Government schools and Government-aided schools from its 52 kitchens operating in 12 States and 2 Union Territories. In Karnataka, Akshaya Patra was launched in Bengaluru in 2000 and later expanded its presence to Hubballi, Mangaluru, Mysuru, and Ballari. Today it has seven kitchens in five locations that are ISO certified, which feed 4,02,695 children in 2,887 schools. 

The program’s objectives were to educate the students on various aspects of Supply Chain Management, Human resource management and create social awareness. The students monitored the various Food Safety and Quality Standards while preparing the meals that the organization follows.

Dr. Prayag Gokhale, HOD, KLE MBA, said that the department has regularly scheduled visits to ensure students become more sensitive towards the problems the less fortunate face. This develops a sense of responsibility in the students and helps them solve real-life issues personally. Principal Dr. Basavaraj Katageri applauded the efforts initiated by the department to teach moral values and social awareness to MBA students. He also said that being sensitive to social problems makes one more responsible and disciplined. Prof. Vaibhav Badgi coordinated the event.